A Loving Relationship Is About Authentic Connection 

When your relationship feels like a struggle, it's almost always about disconnection.


And once problems start, it’s often hard to know how to solve them. 

It’s easy to feel your partner is “wrong” and they are to “blame.”

Which brings me to the question at the heart of my work with couples: “What does it take to stay deeply connected with your partner, even through relationship difficulties?”

The answer is simple, yet can be challenging to do:

If you want to create a loving, respectful and deeply connected relationship, then everything is "Talk-about-able."


If it's important to you, you have to talk about it.

If it's important to your partner, you have to truly listen.

If you're feeling lonely, unsupported, and unheard - where you don't feel understood or appreciated - I've seen this turn around.

In all the years I've spent coaching, (relationships, businesses, parenting, life skills), the things I’ve learned in my decades-long marriage can help you create the relationship you want - whether you read my ebook, listen to my podcast or work with me as a client to turn your own situation around.

You might be aware that I’m married to Rori Raye, a very successful relationship coach. And this has given both of us the opportunity to actually live what we teach.

The skills and processes we use with our clients are not only tested in our own relationship on a daily basis, they've been developed in the difficult moments of forging a true connection between us.


What keeps our marriage loving, connected and thriving are the same skills and processes you can learn to use in your relationship.


My background as an Executive Coach, and Mediator along with an MBA and certifications in Non-Violent Communication and Aware Parenting help me understand your situation - and the frustration you're experiencing - and then offer you concrete and practical strategies for navigating the rough waters of relationship.


From the bottom of my heart, I believe conscious relationships are the way to have the most profound impact on what humanity looks like in 20 years.

And it’s the way to bring love, ease, trust and deeper connection to every relationship in your life.


One connection at a time - One relationship at a time - One conversation at a time.


I look forward to helping you get to the heart of the matter that's causing you pain and frustration - where you can begin to shift seemingly small things that will actually build the relationship you’ve always desired.


Jeffrey Levine MBA, CPCC


"My personal journey has given me a deep appreciation for the courage it takes to navigate many of life’s transitions. My education and training makes me an effective partner for you as you face your own life’s ups and downs. As a professional coach I guide you as you navigate challenges, upsets and life phases, saving you the stress of trying to go it alone.”

My father, grandfather, great-grandfather and me.